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Wednesday June 19th 2019

Open Book a world-class affair


The last five days have seen Cape Town host the internationally attended Open Book Festival. With over 100 authors involved in the diverse program of stimulating talks and events, 35 international writers and nearly 80 nationals, this year’s festival has been a world-class affair.

The Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference (EWWC) continued discussions of themes identified at the Edinburgh International Book festival earlier this year and award-winning French writers from the Etonnants Voyageurs put on two days of events for the Open Book Festival.

Festival coordinators Frankie Murrey and Mervyn Sloman say they ‘very happy’ with how the festival has gone this year. Murrey said they were ‘most excited that the work they have been doing to get a change in the typical festival goer audience has been so effective. That we have been able to access new audiences, and have a more representative audience across age groups and racial lines.’

At this year’s Open Book Festival books have been sold at the Book Lounge and the Fugard theatre foyer for donation to stock a school library for Parkhurst Primary in Mitchell’s Plain. The project has been very well supported and the organisers will know later in the week if their aim of 5000 titles for the shelves has been reached.

The hope is that the Open Book Festival has helped to foster a love of literature and reading, and to help secure the place of books in our cultural consciousness.  – Katie de Klee

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