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Sunday September 15th 2019

Honest Stellenbosch ice-cream maker defrauded of R28 000


The owner of an artisanal ice-cream factory has warned small business in and around Cape Town to refuse cheques as payment after she was defrauded of R28 000.

Owner of Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream and Sorbet in Stellenbosch, Janine van Zyl, said she was approached by a fraudster going by the name of Victor Mbede who claimed to be the CEO of Amandla Tours, a company which West Cape News established shut down three years ago.

Still “angry and embarrassed” about the loss, van Zyl said she wants to share her story in order to warn other Capetonians about the fraudster. Van Zyl said on September 19, she got “a huge order” on the phone from Mbede for ice cream flavours amounting to R12 000.

“It was not only normal ice creams and sorbets, no I had to make rice milk, soya milk, almond milk, oat milk and quinoa milk from scratch for this order,” she said today.

Taking precautionary measures, she said that before she could start on the order, she waited for Mbede to deposit the money into her account. She said on September 20 Mbede paid R40 000 into her account “by mistake” via a cheque made out to ‘All Building Supplies’.

She said her bank statement did not note it as a cheque but as an iBank payment.

As an honest businesswoman she said she paid the difference (R28 000) back into Mbede’s account.

After working four days single handedly to prepare the order, she said then got an sms from ABSA on September 25 saying “‘cheque returned”. Realising she had been conned, Van Zyl said she approached ABSA, who are still trying to track down the fraudster.

Nelson Kwashu, a former director of a company trading as Amandla Tours said someone called him on Tuesday looking for Mbede. “You are not the first one to call, somebody else called yesterday saying they are looking for Victor,” he said, indicating that they did not know him and their company closed shop three years ago. – Francis Hweshe

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5 Responses to “Honest Stellenbosch ice-cream maker defrauded of R28 000”

  1. BAGS DIRECT says:

    We have just received a fifteen thousand rand order for Victor Mbete from Amandla Tours along with a Standard Bank proof of payment in the amount of R 15,312.48
    01 November 2012.

  2. We recieved a R41 000 order for toilet paper and black refuse bags and the same happened as the above story. Please be careful!! He works with a guy by the name of Warren Lewis as well.

  3. We have received a R72 000.00 order from Victor Mbeter from “Amandla Tours” and his partner Warren Lewis, they are big fraudsters please be careful

  4. Len says:

    We received an order from Amandla Tours today for R53000 plus
    the money was supposed to be an eft it was a cheque we bank on line and saw it was a cheque
    We went on line to check out Amandla Tours when we saw your warning

    Thanks thanks thanks
    We never release goods until the cheque is cleared

  5. Annon says:

    These guys are in the process of trying to con us. Wish there was some way we could catch this scum!

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