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Tuesday March 19th 2019

WCED gets qualified audit from Auditor General


In addition to current massive resistance over its plans to shut down 27 schools, the Western Cape Department of Education (WCED) has received a qualified report from the Auditor-General’s office.

Finance, Economic Development and Tourism MEC Alan Winde yesterday announced the province’s audit outcomes from the AG’s office, indicating that four departments had received clean audits but the WCED received a qualified report due to its incomplete asset register of mobile classroom units.

He said the department has installed 2 404 mobile classroom units over the last three years, mostly in conjunction with the school governing bodies, civil society and religious formations.

He said the WCED had developed “ a comprehensive plan” to address the AG’s findings and expected to complete the asset register of mobile classroom units by the end of next month.

On a positive note, Winde said the provincial treasury, departments of community safety; environmental affairs and development planning and the provincial parliament had received clean audits.

Last year, he said the provincial legislature, department of community safety and that of agriculture also received clean audits.

He said that seven government entities in the province had also received clean audits this year and these included the Gambling and Racing Board, Cultural Commission, Language Committee and Heritage Western Cape.

Five other entities including the Western Cape Nature Conservation, the provincial Development Council and the Liquor Board, received unqualified audit findings.

He said the Western Cape Housing Development Fund audit would be finalised within the next two weeks.

“We are thrilled with the progress we have made in moving more of our departments and entities towards clean and unqualified audits.

“After a thorough analysis of our audit results for 2011/2012, we are confident that we can achieve more clean audits across the board in 2013.

He said that the province had put a number of measures in place to ensure they deliver “clean governance”.

Some of these measures were zero tolerance for fraud and corruption, hiring skilled and qualified staff and taking heed of audit outcomes to prevent recurring findings.

He said next year they would “radically improve the support that we provide to departments” by focusing on what was necessary for each one of them to achieve a clean audit.

“We will devise a specific governance action plan with each department within the Western Cape that addresses the gap between their current audit outcome and a clean audit outcome,” he said. – Francis Hweshe

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