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Tuesday July 16th 2019

Vigilante killing in Nyanga on Day of Reconciliation


A man accused of stealing a stove was beaten to death in an incident of vigilante violence during the early hours of Sunday in KTC, Nyanga.

Malibongwe Lugala, 35, from Gugulethu NY3, was allegedly killed by four residents of Nyanga.

According to Lugala’s friend, and an eyewitness to the incident, said he and two other friends were walking with Lugala in search of a cigarette when five men from KTC called Lugala.

“We were four. When these men called Lugalo he stopped and we continue with our journey. When we came back these men were beating him (Lugalo). I tried to stop them and asked what was happening but they pushed me away. They grabbed him (Lugalo), he was kicking trying to escape. I asked them why they are beating Lugalo but they did not reply, they just told me to stay out of it. I asked one of my friends to go to Lugalo’s place while I was looking for a police van,” he said, but was not able to find help in time.

He said the men kicked Lugalo until he fell and then they dragged him to the garage at a local spaza shop and closed the door.

“I could hear him shouting for help, begging them to forgive him, saying he doesn’t know anything. They shouted for other people to wake up because they got him. Another guy came from the opposite street carrying an iron. He opened a gate and got inside. At that time Lugalo was crying. I tried to get in to that garage but it was closed.”

According to residents Lugalo was accused of stealing a stove from a local shop in the area. However, no-one could say when the stove was allegedly stolen.

Lugalo’s lifeless body was found in a street not far from the local shop.

Lugalo’s mother Nonceba, 77, said she last saw her son alive on Saturday night.

“I could not believe he was dead. My daughter came here Sunday morning saying something happened to my son. I rushed outside following her, I found him there dead with blood all over his body. I could see that the jaw was broken, even his arm was broken. What I found strange is there were no stones next to his body,” she said

According to Nonceba, she said her son used to steal from her house but had recently stopped.

“I’m not going to defend him, he used to steal in my house but now he has stopped. I never heard any report from neighbors accusing him of stealing, he only stole from me,” said Nonceba.

His sister Ntombikayise Lugalo, 42, said a man had apparently been arrested in connection with the killing.

Police, however, had not responded to queries at the time of going to press. – West Cape News

“ when I arrived at the scene, one man with blood in his T-shirt was handcurfed. People asked him what happened, according to him he said he was trying to defend my brother” said Ntombikayise. – Nombulelo Damba

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