News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Thursday September 29th 2022

Infant dies on grandmother’s back

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2 Responses to “Infant dies on grandmother’s back”

  1. Ish Larney says:

    Again, we see in the Unabantu report, the bureaucracy, escaping blame by the misuse of their negotiating skills to outfox the poor and illiterate. It is little to do with helping the poor and much to do with distancing themselves of blame. “No record of the grandmother’s visit to the clinics with Mali Unabantu” exists. . Of course, if the guards stop entry into the clinics, then there will be “no records” If the health department is truly sincere, then they would remove the padlocks from the clinics and allow all patients access!

  2. my wife went to ktc hospital in gugulethu two days ago
    all she found was pool of blood on the floor and a hel of a stinking steam 4rom the toilet near the waiting room,rude staff ,i therefore inform the provincial gvnment of the westean cape to take action,plz plz.thank u

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