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Sunday February 17th 2019

Woman’s half-naked body found in Gugulethu

Koyo Sojana weeps after her sister Zuzeka Sojana's body was found this morning. Koyo said she last saw her sister at 8pm on Sunday. Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN


The half-naked body of Zuzeka Sojona, 34, was found lying between shacks in Kanana informal settlement in Gugulethu this morning after she was murdered after presumably being raped during the night.

Sojona, whose lower body was naked, was found just metres from her own shack and it appeared as if she had been dragged closer to her house.

Police discover a used condom next to her body.

Sojona’s sister Koyo Sojana said they last saw her at about 8pm on Sunday.

“I was with her yesterday, we walked together to catch a taxi. She waited for me to get a taxi then she said she was going home,” said Koyo.

“I really do not know what happened.”

Koyo, who works night shift, said she received a call from a friend during the early hours of the morning today while she was at work asking her to return home as soon as she could.

She said her sister was a “quiet” person who enjoyed drinking.

“This is very sad. Yesterday she was alive talking, but now she’s dead. No one knows what really happened and she was living here alone. I could not even see her, when I arrived her body was already covered.”

Women in Kanana said in November last year a young woman was raped and murdered and her body was found not far from where Zuzeka’s lay.

Resident Mongezi Buyani said he heard Zuzeka and her friends talking loudly at about 11pm on Sunday.

“They were passing next to my shack, I looked outside the window, it was her and another woman. I could not count how many men were there but I could hear the voices, it was more than one. I decided to go back to sleep,” said Buyani.

A woman who identified herself as Lindiwe said it appeared women needed to lock themselves in their homes after 8pm.

“It’s no longer safe for us,” she said, adding that when police were called to an incident they always took a long time to get there.

However, men in the area have vowed to killed the perpetrator.

Sanelisiwe Vuka said the only way to punish a rapist was to kill him.

“As men we will stand together together  in finding the perpetrators and once we do, Kanana residents must decide hat to do, not police, because if we give them to police they will be granted bail and come back to rape more people.”

Police spokesperson Tembinkosi Kinana, confirmed the body of a 34-year-old woman was spotted by residents of Kanana who alerted police.

Kinana said the woman had sustained head injuries and the motive for the killing was not known.

A murder docket had been opened, he said.

No arrests have been made. — Nombulelo Damba

Zuzeka Sojana's half-naked body was found in Kanana informal settlement, Gugulethu, yesterday (subs: Mon) morning. Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN

Zuzeka Sojana's half-naked body was found in Kanana informal settlement, Gugulethu, this morning. Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN

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