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Sunday February 17th 2019

Two vigilante killings, just hours after a man in Philippi is saved from necklacing

Body of Eddie Raqa lies charred on the ground of the informal settlement Kanana after he was necklaced by residents for robbing a woman.Photo: Nobulelo Damba/WCN

Body of Eddie Raqa lies charred on the ground of the informal settlement Kanana after he was necklaced by residents for robbing a woman. Photo: Nobulelo Damba/WCN


It was a celebration in Kanana informal settlement, next to Gugulethu, when a 17-year-old man was necklaced and killed by residents after he was caught robbing a woman in the area.

It is alleged that number of residents bought beer and sat down enjoying drinks while the body of Eddie Raqa was burning. The incident happened hours after paramedics saved a Phillipi from imminent death by necklacing.

The news of Raqa’s death spread quickly, residents came in numbers to witness, some said the death is a lesson to other “skollies” who still thinking of robbing. Residents made it very clear that they tired of the criminals in the area.

One of the resident said he would like to see the people who killed Raqa so he thank them for the killing.

According to eyewitnesses, Raqa was robbing a woman at around five in the morning. The woman screamed for help and residents came rushing after him. He was caught next to the bushes then bought back to area before he was stoned and necklaced.

Kanana resident Yoliswa Bangani, said she was on her way to the tap when she saw the woman being robbed by Raqa.

“He grabbed her but the woman escaped and came rushing to my yard, then this man followed,” said Bangani. “He stabbed her in the hand and that’s when I also screamed for help. A number of people came rushing, they chased after him. I really do not know what happened next but I heard they found him next to the bushes then took him back here.”

According to Kanana residents they are still angry for the incident that happened on Sunday, when a 34-year-old woman was found raped and murders just a few metres from her house.

Another vigilante killing happened in Cosovo, Samora Machel near Phillipi. A 26-year-old Nceba Gqumza was also necklaced by residents. It is alleged that he and two of his friends were found shoplifting in one of the shebeens in the area.

The owner called for help and residents chased the thieves. Two of them managed to escape, but Gqumza was not so lucky.

Residents described him as a well-known criminal who had no mercy when he robbed you. Even his brother Vuyani said he was aware that Gqumza was a criminal.

Raqa’s mother Florence Sirathaza, said, it sad to loose his son like that.

“Even though he never robbed me, I had reports from people accusing him of robbing,” she said. “It’s been three weeks since he came home from prison after he was arrested for robbery. I last saw him Monday morning after he cleaned the yard, he said he was going to his friends but he never came back. I was woken up by a family member saying his dead.”

Residents said taking law into their owns hands is the only solution.

Community leader, Thuliswa Bulana, said, “ people are very angry because they are robbed almost every day. On Sunday a woman was raped and murdered here, this morning two woman were heard screaming for help, who knows what could have happened to those women if residents didn’t wake up. W e are not even safe inside our houses.”

Police spokesperson, Tembinkosi Kinana, confirmed the incidents.

He said, “police were alerted to the incidents by the community. On investigation, the police found the body of the deceased person, burnt allegedly by a group of people who were no longer at the scene at the time. The murder docket has been opened and it’s been investigated. We are engaging the existing community structures like the CPF to encourage the community to stop taking the law into their own hands. If the community suspects that any crime has been committed, we encourage them to make contact with the police for assistance at crime stop number ”. – Nombulelo Damba

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