News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Friday January 28th 2022

Wind energy remains largely unused

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3 Responses to “Wind energy remains largely unused”

  1. Alan M says:

    So we need 2500 Darling Wind Farms to produce the electricity Koeberg does. And those wind farms would have to have back-up plant spinning unproductively on the grid (assuming they are allowed to be on the grid – not a good idea.

  2. Salyeres Jérémy says:

    Correction : his name is Nicolas Rolland not Nicholas Rolland !

  3. Dear Katie,
    Oelsner Group (PTY) LTD. has moved to Farm Langefontein a former military radio station were we develop a 51 MW wind farm, a 5 MW PV electricity generation plant and a national and international research facility for renewable energy technology.
    We have moved our offices there, but there are no Telkom lines available. You can easily reach us per sms and telephone at:

    You are very welcome to visit us – bring your camera and you will find something really interesting to write about.
    Best regards Hermann and Antoinette Oelsner

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