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Tuesday July 16th 2019

City launches five-year development plan online


The City of Cape Town has launched its integrated development plan online, with the view of reaching as many Capetonians as possible.

The twelve and half- minute DVD explaining what the city’s plans leading between 2013 leading to 2017 was launched by mayor Patricia de Lille yesterday.

The video launched online on the same day talked about the “five pillars” which made up the city’s five-year action plan.

These pillars were creating were creating business opportunities; having an inclusive; caring, safe and efficiently run city.

On creating business opportunities, among others, the video illustrates economic activities taking place around the Peninsula, indicating that the city would keep inviting investments and development of green technologies while responding to climate change.

Highlights on creating a caring city included promises to build more sports and recreation centres as well as community halls.

The video said the city would also continue to commit to building integrated human settlements, whereby people would live close to basic services and their workplace.

It also said the city would constantly review its services in townships with the view of improving them.

In line with building an inclusive city, the video, in part, talked about plans to improve the public transport system, moot out dedicated heritage programs.

The film pointed out that city would be well-run and remain transparent to the public in the way it conducted its affairs.

For example, it said that city’s council meetings would remain open to the public in order for them to follow what would be discussed.

De Lille said that when they compiled their five-year plan, they held meetings in across the city and for the first time used social media to further consult the public.

It total she said they consulted one million Capetonians before coming up with the plan.

She said the outcome of that public participation process was the “translation of our promises into a living government strategy, thereby making Cape Town one of the few, if any, municipalities where there is a discernable link between the electoral commitments made and the actual programme of governance and delivery”.

She said launching the video was “another creative way of driving participation democracy, in that it allows residents to understand in a clear and graphic fashion how this government is delivering on its electoral mandate.”

Copies of the DVD were set to be delivered to ward committees, sub-councils and the private sector among others.

While its only in English at the moment, plans were that in the next two months, it would be translated into Afrikaans and Isixhosa.

Subtitles were also set to be included in order to carter for people with special needs such as the deaf and dumb.

Online, the video can be viewed on, on Facebook and city’s website.  – Francis Hweshe

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