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Sunday April 21st 2019

DJ says he was assisting boys with their homework


A Khayelitsha radio DJ who stands accused of raping two boys, has told the Khayelitsha Regional court that he was merely assisting the boys with their school assignments.

Zamile Mkhontwana, 33, who was a well known as a breakfast show presenter on Radio Zibonele, was arrested in August 2011 by the Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit after the boys’ parents laid charges against him.

He faces two charges of grooming, sexual assault and rape involving a nine and 13 year-old boy.

On the stand today  Mkhontwana told his defence lawyer Zamikhaya Mbalo that he was only assisting the boys with their home work.

He said this after the 13-year-old boy’s mother was on the stand accusing him of having a relationship with other boys.

The mother, behind whose house Mkhontwana was renting a backyard shack, said lots of boys visited Mkhontwana’s shack.

She told the court that Mkhontwana was once accused of raping a boy in Town Two, Khayelitsha, however, she said she never thought that he would rape her child.

“We were close to him, even when a group of women came to my house accusing him of raping their son, we accompanied him to that house and he apologised,” she said.

But Mbalo said his client is denied her claims.

” My client is not gay, he’s straight and he denied having relationships with those boys you claim went to your house. He was only teaching them Maths and assisting them with their school assignments,” he said.

Mbalo asked Judge William October for charges against Mkhontwana be withdrawn, saying there’s no enough evidence against him.

Mbalo said the court docket notes the alleged incidents occurred in 2010, however, both mothers said the incident happened in 2011.

The 22-year-old sister of the nine-year-old boy has previously told the court that her brother loved to accompany his 13-year-old friend to Mkhontwana’s shack where they used to watch movies.

Mkhontwana has been granted R2000 bail. The trial continues. – Nombulelo Damba



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