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Thursday September 19th 2019

Doctor’s car stoned on N2

Dr Brauns narrowly escaped serious injury or death when a brick was thrown at her car while she was travelling on the N2 on Saturday. Photo: Supplied

Dr Brauns narrowly escaped serious injury or death when a brick was thrown at her car while she was travelling along the N2 on Saturday.


A young female Cape Town Doctor practising medicine at Tygerberg Hospital narrowly escaped serious injury or death when, while travelling on the N2, her car was struck by a brick thrown from the elevated pedestrian bridge on Bhunga Avenue on Saturday.

The incident has left Dr Raquel Brauns, 32, traumatised and frightened to drive to along the national road.

Brauns, who has been practising medicine for seven years, said after the incident happened at 4pm on Saturday she did not stop at the scene but drove straight to the Athlone Police Station where she reported the incident.

She said police dispatched a helicopter to check out the scene.

She was on her way from Somerset West to her home in Cape Town at the time she said, speaking about the incident for the first time yesterday. (subs: Tues)

“I escaped with a broken passenger window and in a state of shock. I managed to drive to the nearest police station to open a case report. I find it so hard to accept that as a Doctor who fights tirelessly, every day to save the lives of others, that my life could be viewed as worthless to the individuals who are responsible for the stone throwing at these bridges,” said Brauns.

She said when the brick struck car, there was a stationary police vehicle parked not far from the scene but she did not want to stop to tell them about her attack as she feared she could have been killed by her attackers.

“I feel so angry. These people (criminals) are so senseless in what they are doing…trying to get (to steal) a stereo from the car or money at the expense of human life. It just frightens me.”

She said she knew of two other friends whose vehicles had been struck by stones thrown from elevated bridges across the N2.

“I just want to know what the police are doing about this. It’s been going on for far too long. What’s being done to protect me? I’m reluctant to drive on the N2.”

Transport MEC Robin Carlisle said he received complaints similar to Brauns’s on a daily basis.

Carlisle said attacks on motorist on national roads were a big problem in the ‘80s and ‘90s and “now it’s coming back and it’s a big problem”.

“Police must step in and route this out,” said Carlisle.

Carlisle said his department was going to try to hire elevated pedestrian crossing bridge monitors to safe guard motorists and pedestrians.

This will first be tested in Knysna as there were a lot of stone throwing incidents on motorists there.

Although there were cameras on the N1, the N2 and the R300, they did not seem to prevent incidents of stone-throwing, he said, and thus perhaps employing people to monitor the bridges was an option they were exploring.

Athlone Police spokeswoman Constable Zita Norman confirmed Brauns’s report, saying a malicious damage to property case was opened for investigations but no arrests had yet been made.

Mayco Member for Safety and Security Jean Pierre Smith said SAPS were the lead crime prevention agency and when a crime problem emerged it was their duty to detect and identify the problem and put a plan together.

“Last time there were allegations of such attacks the City responded by deploying staff along the freeways, but SAPS never took the issue up and deployed no resources,” said Smith.

However, he said the City has approached the provincial transport department and discussed the issue of preventing people from being able to get access to the road reserve and to fence the sides of bridges to prevent people from throwing objects at cars.

This was focused particularly on protecting traffic during illegal protest action, he said. — Peter Luhanga



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  1. B Rohan says:

    It is ironic that someone who is devoted to giving the best medical care that she can to the less fortunate who visit the State Hospitals, often at personal and family sacrifice, was the victim in this senseless attack. I pray that this results in action from our city leadership and SAPS before any further lives are lost.

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