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Friday August 23rd 2019

SANDF soon to release benefits


As war veteranss wait impatiently for payouts announced two years ago, the Department of Military Veterans has revealed that R300 million in benefits would be rolled out to all qualifying former soldiers.

The government announced in 2011 that veterans who had fought on both sides of the liberation war before 1994 would be entitled to benefits for their social and economic upkeep.

The benefits included education, health and transport packages.

But despite the promises, thousands of veterans across the country, many unemployed and others living in desperate poverty, are still waiting for the promises to materialize.

Online news articles about the original announcement of benefits have been inundated with comments by struggling war veterans asking how they can claim the benefits or when they will be paid out.

Department spokesperson Mbulelo Mbusi said they were aware of circumstances facing veterans and they were waiting for Parliament to finalise the administrative regulations on how they should roll out the packages.

He said at the end of this month they were set to embark on a countrywide communications campaign which would include publishing and broadcasting through the media and setting up meetings with veterans to explain to them how the benefits would be dished out.

Asked if veterans could still sign up for benefits, he said that would be part of the campaign.

Thus far, he said they had 66 000 veterans on their register, which was yet to be verified as there were some teenagers who we coming up and claiming that they were veterans.

Meanwhile, veterans who have registered are becoming impatient.

Many families also want clarity on how they could get compensation or state benefits following the death of their father who served in the armed struggle.

Nqabisa Sishuba said his veteran father died in Tanzania while enlisted with Mkhonto weSizwe over 20 years ago and wondered if he would be entitled to state benefits to further his studies.

He said that “people” had told him that others were getting monthly incomes and assistance for studies and housing.

Augusto Perigo said his brother died 33 years ago in the Angolan war while serving in the SA Defence Force and no compensation had been received by the family.

Others, such as Riaan Koen, said they missed out on the last round of registration and want to know if they can still sign up for benefits while others have bemoaned the inability to get information from the state department. – Francis Hweshe



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  1. Andries Jakobus Pietersen says:

    Where can We Find Out , If We Are Registered ???? ARE There a List of Registered VETERANS Available ??? My Force NUMBER is : 77582880 BT then Changed to 77582880 KT ——- HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Phiilip Napo says:

    ex sadf armoure driver
    force number 92657717

    self bedank

    ex periance leer gewweg skool
    depoyement eastern cape

  3. ELI MHLONGO says:

    Where can we find out if we registered? can you sent alist of registered vertarans
    MY FORCE NO IS 93745925PY


  4. wunibald Hausiku kapindi says:

    what about the ex SWATF AND KOEVOET we also have been used by the old south African government in Namibia,but non one know about us
    we almost do the job at the border post,the Namibian government don’t even want to listen to our complain

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