News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Monday November 29th 2021

Nigerians in SA don’t feel the love

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  1. De Toit says:

    South African government should prioritize to combat high profile crimes committed by illegal Nigerian immigrants. Nigerians flock to South Africa for the sole purpose of committing horrific crimes such as banking fraud, drug sales, identity theft, fake marriages, forced child prostitution and child kidnapping. They enter South Africa under the pretext of tourism and conducting business, but only to overstay their permits and expand their criminal network in South Africa. Why cannot the government launch a massive operation against Nigerian criminals? Many South Africans have been victimized by these fraudstars who hack bank accounts of not just individuals but also businesses. Unless the South African government take firm measures such as tracking the already present Nigerians and sending them back home, limiting the number of those entering the country and keeping an eye on them, south Africans will continue to live under the fear of Nigerian criminals

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