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Sunday April 21st 2019

Two vigilante killings on Sunday

Residents of Kanana informal settlement in Gugulethu look at the body of a suspected thief who was stoned to death on Sunday night. Police only came to the scene at about 7am yesterday (subs: Mon). Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN

Residents of Kanana informal settlement in Gugulethu look at the body of a suspected thief who was stoned to death on Sunday night. Police only came to the scene at about 7am on Monday. Photo: Nombulelo Damba/WCN


Vigilante attacks on Sunday resulted in a 29-year-old man being beaten to death in the Frankdale informal settlement near the Vissershok landfill site while another man was stoned to death in Kanana informal settlement in Gugulethu.

At Frankdale, a 29-year-old man – whose name has not been released by police – was killed after being accused of robbing and raping women in the area.

According to a taxi driver who spoke on condition of anonymity as he did not want to be implicated in the case, two women boarding a taxi to Frankdale at the Du Noon taxi rank spotted the man they accused of having previously raped them.

He said upon seeing the women the man took flight but unwittingly tried to take refuge in the Du Noon taxi rank office where taxi drivers, alerted by the women, caught him.

The alleged rapist was then driven to Frankdale where a group of residents identified him as the man they believed had been robbing and raping women in the area and proceeded to beat him to death, the taxi driver said.

Philadelphia Police station commander Captain Frederick Rossouw confirmed that a 29-year-old man was beaten death by golf sticks on Sunday.

Rossouw said they received a call at 4:45pm on Sunday and when Police arrived at the scene they found the man lying dead on a gravel road leading to the informal settlement.

He said efforts to interview residents proved fruitless as people denied seeing anything.

A murder docket has been opened for investigation no arrest has been made yet

Then at about 11pm on Sunday the body of a man stoned to death was found by passers by next to a stand pipe in Kanana informal settlement.

Residents said police were called and informed but the only arrived at about 7am on Monday morning.

It is believed the man was suspected of being a thief.

“This whole thing happened at night around ten,” said a Kanana resident.

“Those who live next to the tap said they heard a noise but were too scared to go out and look. This man must have been chased from somewhere before he was killed here. A big stone was found on top of his head, I think it’s the one that killed him,” she said.

Community leaders in Kanana said they tried to found out details of what had happened but residents refused to talk.

“They all said this man was killed at night. Some said they informed the police about the incident but police never came, which means his body has been here more than nine hours” said a community leader who asked not to be named after she was threatened by residents for providing information about the last vigilante killing in the area on 26 February.

She said even though residents are as tired of vigilantism as they are of crime, they do not want to give evidence about vigilante killings because residents could come after them and then they would be the next victims of vigilante violence.

SAPS provincial media liaison had not provided requested information on the Kanana killing before going to press. — Nombulelo Damba and Peter Luhanga


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