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Tuesday August 20th 2019

Rubbish piles up as ANC councilor blocks clean up

Peter Luhanga

Rubbish continues to pile up in the streets of Du Noon as a local ANC councilor insists that a City of Cape Town appointed contractor will not be allowed to work in the area unless local labour is hired according to his stipulations.

A City waste removal contract for one company, Chippa Hygiene Holdings, expired on March 31 and a new company,
Industaff Solutions CC, was then scheduled to begin refuse removal.

But due to a battle over the hiring procedure for jobs associated with the contract, the new company has not been able to begin work.

Since then rubbish has been piling up in the streets and residents have raised fears about the health of their children, citing an increase in flies.

Following the Easter long weekend there appears to be no resolution to the impasse.

Community leader Grolia Gqobo said the rubbish had become worse.

“Flies are all over the place, the place is unhealthy. Our children are going to get sick here, the situation is pathetic,” she said.

ANC councillor Peace Stemela has accused the City of Cape Town’s database of unemployed people, which is supposed to be the vehicle through which people are hired, of not being thorough.

Stemela said residents had agreed they wanted to put their identity documents in a box. An elected leader would then decide who got jobs by drawing them out of a hat.

“We told the contractor to go away with his database,” said Stemela. “We can stay in the situation [accumulating dirt]. We want the plight of our people to come first.”

But one source said the row was about making sure that ANC members got jobs.

“It has been happening for many years and preference has always been given to ANC affiliates,” said the source, who described the City’s database as being the most “partial” way of allocating jobs.

When questioned, Stemela would not respond and hung up the phone.

Claire Mckinnon, City’s solid management area cleaning manager, said the approved employment criteria was through the council’s unemployment database.

“There is no other legal way to do it. We have to abide by the council’s policy.”

Mckinnon said there was “interference and incitement” blocking a fair process of employing people.

“We are in a pre-election phase. We do have a problem with a particular councilor who wants to choose his own people, but we have insisted that the sub-council database has to be used.”

Industaff Solutions owner Phillip Sampson refused to comment.
— West Cape News

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