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Tuesday August 16th 2022

Du Noon soccer talent left with nowhere to play

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  1. Patrick McCarthy says:

    Good Day

    We have been given an incentive at work that, if a particular target is reached before the end of October, we will be given R8000,00 towards any activity or holiday we would like experience. The company I work for has given me so much over the past few years that I would like to take that money and give it back to the less fortunate. I drive through Dunoon every day and see the poor conditions under which the young kids play football and they do this without the proper equipment which must be heavy on the feet, so if my target is reached I would like to donate R8000,00 worth of soccer boots to the juniors. Please advise on how I can go about this, but please note that this is dependant on me reaching a particular target. I will however look into this cause even if the target isn’t reached and look at ways of raising funds on a personal level. Regards Patrick McCarthy 0785244496.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Patrick.
    Please email me on and I can put you in touch with Peter Luhanga who wrote the story and is in touch with community organisations and leaders in Du Noon.
    Steve Kretzmann

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