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Friday August 23rd 2019

Councillor resignation heralds by-election


Landiswa Mazeka

CAPE TOWN – A by-election is scheduled for Cape Town’s Ward 108 in November, despite new councillors having barely settled into their seats following the municipal elections of 3 August.

The by-election for the ward which covers the Mfuleni and Blue Downs areas, has been scheduled due to the resignation of elected ANC ward councillor Rhoda Bazier.

Bazier said she has resigned because she did not reside in the ward, as her home was situated in the adjacent Ward 109.

She said she was mistakely registered as the Ward 108 candidate.

Standing in her place will be Thembisile Bathembu, who said he was the second-placed candidate for the 3 August elections.

There was no political pressure placed on Bazier to resign, said Bathembu.

He said 18 000 voters registered at the eight voting districts for the recent municipal elections and 2000 young first-time voters had come to register for the by-election.

He claimed they said they will vote for the ANC.

According to IEC figures, the number of voters who registered for the municipal elections in 2011 was 16 983.

However, only 10 308 people voted this year, winning the ward for the ANC by 60.8%, a massive drop from the 93% ANC vote in 2011. However, the boundaries of the ward have since changed.

But the ANC’s choice of by-election candidate has upset their alliance partners.

The SACP in the Brian Bunting District (Cape Town Metro) stated they were appalled by the ANC’s lack of consultation with their alliance partners over the by-election candidate.

District Secretary Benson Ngqentsu said the decision confirmed the level of arrogance and denial of the outcomes of the August results.

Ngqentsu said the SACP would no longer tolerate only being used as a mere campaigning tool and marginalised when it came to strategic decisions.

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