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Sunday January 20th 2019

Du Noon waste row set to end

Peter Luhanga

          A jobs row which blocked the removal of refuse in Du Noon township and adjacent Doornbach informal settlement appears to have been resolved, with cleaning work in the township expected to resume on Tuesday (28/04/2009).

Rubbish has been piling up in the streets of Du Noon since March 31, when the City of Cape Town awarded a waste removal tender to a new company, Industaff Solutions CC.

But some Du Noon residents – led by ANC councillor Peace Stemela – protested against the process of employing people to work on the contract.

The City of Cape Town wanted labourers to be drawn from their database of unemployed people, but Stemela argued for a system that would see identity documents drawn out of a box.

At the time, Stemela accused the city’s database of being outdated and flawed, but Blaauwberg sub-council chair Vincent Bergh said “certain leaders” in Du Noon were abusing their power in order to control available job opportunities.

The stalemate led to rubbish piling up in the streets.

Last week Friday (17/04/2009), a meeting was held between the Blaauwberg sub-council and community leaders, which led to agreement being reached on the recruitment process.

This led to a process that began on Friday morning (24/04/2009), when hundreds of Du Noon residents gathered at the Du Noon Community Hall in the hope of getting a job.

The City of Cape Town had previously insisted that the database of unemployed people would be used to determine who got jobs, but Claire Mckinnon, the city’s area cleaning manager for solid waste denied that the city had abandoned this approach.

“What we did was use the method of a large box wherein people all got an opportunity to submit their names for a chance at getting a job,” she said.

Through the process of random selection, people would be selected for interviews. She said the process had been widely publicized in the community.

But although hundreds of people were hoping to be employed, Industaff Solutions CC owner Phillip Sampson said they were only recruiting nine supervisors and 55 labourers. In the neighbouring Doornbach informal settlement, two supervisors and ten labourers were being recruited.

Sampson said if there were no further hindrances, cleaning work could start on Tuesday (28/04/2009). – West Cape News

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