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Wednesday June 19th 2019

Cape Town Sexpo hots up inside as protestors stand in the cold

Caitlin Ross

sexpo3.jpgThere was no room for modesty at this year’s Sexpo at the Cape Town International Convention Centre as visitors, from the curious to the downright brazen, gathered to ogle the array energetic performances and the erotic offerings at over 150 stalls.

A visit to what is billed as a health, sexuality and lifestyle expo, revealed a Sexpo enthusiast in top hat, waistcoat and underpants leaping around a jumping castle with a giant golden penis at its centre, while a member of the Odyssey Male Revue thrust his way through a medley of dance numbers on the main stage.

Women clad in nothing but panties, six-inch high heels and smiles sashayed around the arena with heroic disregard for the looming cold front, on the lookout for visitors who seemed shy or uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, world-famous artist Pricasso used his God-given tool to do portraits, oblivious to the pole dancing demonstration going on a few stalls down.

The amazingly sweet and accessible Mikayla Mendez, Californian porn star at large, politely popped adult DVDs and contraptions into packets for customers at the Adult World area while Miss Nude South Africa Belle Anderson showed customers what a good lapdance consisted of.

But not so keen on enjoying the saucy carnival were the smatterings of protestors outside the convention centre from the Christian Action Network (CAN), holding placards reading: “Pernicious Porno Plague Rife at Sexpo: Turn 2 Jesus” and “Sexpo = Sexploitation”.

Disappointed at a small turnout of 15 protestors, National CAN coordinator Taryn Hodgson said the group was nonetheless using the opportunity to give the Christian perspective on sexually explicit material destroyed marriages, and expressed disdain for the Vegas-style wedding chapel inside.

“It makes a complete farce of marriage,”said Hodgson.
Although protestor Marieta Teroller had not been inside the Sexpo, she said: “You don’t need half a brain cell to know what’s going on in there. You get affected by what you see. Why do you need to fill your mind with that woman (someone other than your wife)? Pornography is an absolute perversity.”

Joining the demonstration was Fowzia Patel, a Muslim woman, who was there in her “own capacity”.
Patel objected to the Sexpo on the grounds that it contributed to rape, which caused “so much pain and suffering”.

But Professor Johann Lemmer of the Academy for Sexology disagreed.

“It’s obvious that the more people are aware of their natural sexuality, the less taboo it is. It’s because of the taboo that there are molestors and rapists, who don’t know how to deal with their sexuality in a normal way,” he said.

Professor Elna McIntosh, clinical sexologist who did her PhD in Human Sexuality said: “Mothers and the church is why people have sexual hang-ups”. She said when she married her husband in 1976, people were scandalized at a white woman marrying a black man.

“We’ve come a very long way in this country.”

On another note, she said the main problem with representations of black men and sexuality is that they are now, because of popular misconception, under a huge amount of pressure regarding penis size.”

She also observed that the attitude towards homosexuality in Cape Town was “so much more relaxed and open than in Joburg”.

Reverend Daniel Brits of the African Church of Truth (TACOT), who was offering his services at the “Chapel of Love”, said he would like to meet with the protestors over any grievances they had, because from an article of theirs he had read “showed they are uninformed and uneducated”. – West Cape News

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