News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Tuesday September 27th 2022

R12-billion needed for Western Cape schools backlog

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2 Responses to “R12-billion needed for Western Cape schools backlog”

  1. Anette Van Der Westhuizen says:

    There is a definite need for the new schools! A suggestion is that while there is not enough funding for all the 65 schools to be built, why don’t the small schools not merge? There is too many small schools and will make the administrating so much easier.

  2. johan says:

    There are so many steel furniture laying at schools that can be repaired and this issue was taken up with the WCED, but according to them the schools have a budget to repair – after contacting a lot of schools,it appears that they are not interested in repairs , but only WANTS new furniture – now wat nou ?

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