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Wednesday June 26th 2019

Taliep Petersens’ insurance payout contested by family

Sandiso Phaliso and Yugendree Naidoo

The findings of an investigation by a team of Cape Town lawyers into the will and testimony of slain icon Taliep Petersen could mean Zaynab, his only child with convicted murderer Najwa Petersen, might no longer be the sole beneficiary of the R5.3 million life insurance policy that was taken out six months prior to his death.

The firm, De Klerk and Van Gend, are acting on behalf of Taliep’s family from his previous marriage.

The Cape Argus reported Taliep’s brother, Igsaan, as saying it was “out of character” for Taliep to have excluded his other five children from the will. He said his brother was a religious man who knew that Islamic law does not permit the favouring of a single child over one’s others, and that he suspected Najwa of making Zaynab the sole beneficiary without Taliep’s knowledge, as she’d had power of attorney over his financial affairs.

But although the family has vowed to fight to ensure that all his children benefit from the payout, Zaynab’s half-brother Suleiman Effendi (son of Najwa) declared this week he would fight back to ensure the nine-year-old, who has been under his care for the past three years, receives the full amount as per the will. Effendi said it was shocking that the Petersen family was showing interest in the insurance policy when they had been absent during the time Zaynab had needed them most.

“No one helped me when I took Zaynab in and now they want every cent of the money. It is intended for Zaynab and no-one else. Why all of a sudden do they now want to take care of Zynab after all these years? They were all left with money and this one is for Zaynab” said Effendi, referring to the trust established by friends of the family and local artists to assist with schooling, accommodation and food for the other children.

“The investigation is baseless because papers proved that Taliep had left the insurance policy with Zaynab willingly. This was his youngest child and it is possible that he made her the sole-beneficiary of the policy,” said Effendi.

A neighbour of the family’s home in Grasmere Street in Athlone said Zaynab had always been a “chatty, helpful child” who “loved singing and dancing and fooling around” and was well adjusted, socializing easily with children and adults alike. Since the death of her father and conviction of her mother, however, she had developed “mood swings and an uncontrollable temper”.

“I believe she needs that motherly figure as she is approaching her teens,” said the neighbour, who declined to be named.

Attorney Igshaan Higgins, who is leading the investigation, said the Petersens had instructed him not to divulge information to outside parties, including the press, pending the outcome of the investigation.

“The investigation is sensitive and my client has advised me not to speak to the press until finalisation of the investigation,” he said.

Higgins could not say at which phase the investigation was, but it was reported that it would be complete by the end of July at which point it would be tabled to the Petersens.

Effendi said investigators had not yet visited the house he shared with the girl, but that he would “cooperate fully” when they did. He said, “even if it means going to court” he will keep his promise to Zaynab to take care of her and make sure she remains the sole-beneficiary. He said although Zaynab has not as yet received any of the insurance payout, it would be used for her education. – West Cape News

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