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Friday July 1st 2022


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  1. Mike Loewe says:

    Your masthead sucks boyos. Worse than my blog masthead. There’s no art to greet your visitors.

    The only real death in journalism is boredom.

  2. Lester Gabang says:

    agreed Mike but their content makes up for it

  3. glen dawes says:

    looking for info on wynand louw. any will help. I believe he is in prison for housing fraud. We did i deal and i need to know if he defrauded other unsuspecting people into the same scheme. Please contact me so we can protest this man’s possible release very soon. Thanking you.

  4. Lo Ewe says:

    Still want to load your page and instantly see your contact details in-my-face. I smaak your site.

  5. stuart says:

    Mr Boyd

    What a stupid and ignorant thing you have done. Chumming must be stopped. We need to put you in the sea surrounded by buckets of blood

  6. magda says:

    I love this site very informative,the content is of grassroots level,the quality excellent.

  7. Wendy says:

    News about the Darling alledged murderers – they walked out of Malmesbury court last week when there for a bail hearing – no shackles not locked doors just walked out and escaped. Next day one of them attacked an elderly Darling resident and held her at knife point. We very nearly had a second murder!!!!

  8. JOHANNA says:


    I am looking for my sister Maria that use to stay in Caledon. She is in her fifties. If someone can please help.

  9. linda mali says:

    my father’s family have been receiving grants from the mk ever since my dad passed away 2000 but me and my big sister haven’t recieved a cent how can we apply or where can we go to ?

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