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Sunday August 18th 2019

Cape Town Election Watch

News map: Find out where in Cape Town 2009 election news is happening.

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Colour Key

Red = Stories from April

1. Farm workers announce election boycott

2. MK vets threaten to take up arms

3. Rubbish piles up as ANC councilor blocks clean-up

4. Malema makes university entrance

5. Lekota takes on ANC’s Du Noon stronghold

6. ANC claims COPE returns

7. Last blast opposition rallies in Western Cape

8. Old and young brave Cape rain for ANC rally

9. COPE support fizzles out in Philippi strongholds

10. Fraudulent ‘swart gevaar’ DA pamphlets surface

11. Election jamboree bypasses “forgotten communities”

12. Loan sharks take a chunk out of voters roll

Yellow = Stories from March

1. Call for moratorium on service cut-offs

2. SA election special: Shack life terrifying and impossible

3. Nearly four democratic elections later, bucket system remains

4. Not enemies, just opponents, says Mlambo-Ngcuka

5. Cape Town backyarders demand action on housing policy

6. Political intolerance threatens to detail elections, warns elections body

7. Elderly couple get their first house after 54 years

8. Residents of top SA drugs crime suburb blast ‘rich man’s justice’

Green = Stories from February

1. Students should go home and develop rural areas, says Mbete

2. Taxi bosses say UDM is their party

3. ANC goes Cape kasi fabulous

4. Door slams shut on angry Du Noon voters

5. Bail for K’litsha voter disruption trio

6. Cape workers join ANC campaign trail

7. ANC, DA in standoff over suspended councillor

8. Zuma defends Mandela rally parade

Blue = Stories from January

1. No state protection for Cope defectors

2. ANC, COPE, DA seek to tap social media power

3. End April date likely for SA elections

4. Claims of grant abuse in election campaign

Grey = Stories from 2008

1. Shackdwellers march on K’litsha local gvt offices

2. Thousands vow to follow Cape councilors to COPE

3. Service delivery concerns follow councilor resignations

4. ANC will be opposition party after 2014

5. Western Cape COPE takes environment to Bloem

6. ANC seeking a ‘legal solution to a political problem’

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  1. sivatho rigala says:

    I knew that these African countries would be jelous to vote for Nkosazna-Dlanini Zuma.

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