News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Tuesday August 16th 2022

HIV patients say they are humiliated at Du Noon clinic

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2 Responses to “HIV patients say they are humiliated at Du Noon clinic”

  1. WILLIE says:

    I wonder why people have to pretend they care; I hate people like this:
    “Don’t forget that tomorrow is you”
    They are lazy/ can’t help people that need help, I wonder how you manage to live with your self……………….

  2. mellisa says:

    True the staff at Danoon clinic dont know that patients condition is confidential,theres is an old white lady who collect cards by the door ,she will be shouting ,are u here for cloolection of ARVs,n wen she does here consultation in the first room ,the window and the door are opened ,people queing outside can hear the whole conversation.this is violation of patients rights

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