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Thursday September 29th 2022

Cape Town to sell ‘green’ electricity to consumers

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  1. Marisa Naude says:

    As an employee of a renewable energy certificate trading company (GreenX Energy) I remain baffled as to how the city is legally permitted to trade RECs without going through the independent issuing body (see This way no independent body audits that the certificates are correctly numbered and only sold once. The emissions reductions claimed are not valid if the generator (Darling) and the trader (the city) make an off the record deal among themselves. Who is monitoring it? The Department of Energy has set up recommendations for the Independent Issuing Body (IB) at great expense.The domain protocol and business plan were finalised just this year at the expense of approximately 2 million rand. What gives the city the right to unilaterally bypass this mechanism with impunity? The rest of us pay good money to be registered on the database. I would greatly appreciate it if Bianca Silva published the comments of our director Glynn Morris who is away at present. He can be contacted on 021 701 3364 or

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