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Thursday September 29th 2022

A zefling? Me? I’ll pass

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4 Responses to “A zefling? Me? I’ll pass”

  1. Jaqueline Dommisse says:

    Hey Steve – I love your take on this – I’m also not a great fan of zef – likewise grew up in a town I needed to escape from (Krugersdorp). Have you seen Chris McEvoy’s column on Die Antwoord Channel24? He is so irreverent he can make me weep with laughter.

  2. marius says:

    Lol. Spare a thought. I moved to Vereniging 2 months ago. Zef, ek sê.

  3. Sharon Hammond says:

    Hey, Steve. Brilliant piece. The zeffest photo of me is my Std 1 school photo in Vanderbijlpark where my mom drove cranes for Iscor. She moved to PE and married a grease monkey with a beat-up Chevy. I spent most of my teen years pushing it along highways. Super uncool ekse!

  4. dave says:

    Hi Steve

    You are welcome to correct me on this BUT are you not missing the point as far as the Die Andwoord is concerned? I get the impression that they are trying to be tongue in cheek,and are pointing us towards something in our identities as South Africans(other than being white and black) that we can have a laugh at..For goodness sake,don’t take them leterally but just have fun with them….
    Not everything needs to be serious or depressing…

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