News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Friday September 30th 2022

Green experts in the dark over Cape Town Green Energy Certificate protocols

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7 Responses to “Green experts in the dark over Cape Town Green Energy Certificate protocols”

  1. Zoey Diaz says:

    hopefully, we would be shifting more and more towards green energy in the future.:*.

  2. Anna Begum says:

    wind farms are great but they also take up a large land area;`-

  3. Jane Hancher says:

    Yeah you should. It is portion within the hidden governments plans to promote widespread earth-friendly vigor use. plus they previously have their investments ready to go. When food shortages, disease and famine begin to take place in mid 2010, earth-friendly electricity stock will rise unbelievably.

  4. Lilly Bell says:

    we must shift into the use of Green Energy to prevent further pollution of this planet;;’

  5. Jake Lewis says:

    wind farms are eco friendly and can generate massive amounts of electricity-“:

  6. i think government funding should be diverted on the research of Green Energy and renewable power sources’-.

  7. our hometown already have wind farms and it is great to know that we have a reneawable electricity source”‘;

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