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Thursday September 29th 2022

Ineffective maintenance courts undermine single mom’s rights

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5 Responses to “Ineffective maintenance courts undermine single mom’s rights”

  1. Bruce says:

    as a 10 year ‘veteran’ ‘example’ of this abomination – the dept of justice is as much to blaim for the situation as anyone. the root of the problem lies in the fact that there is a fundamental conflict of interest between the complainant and the prosecutor. the complainant wants money and the prosecutor wants a successfull prosecution. what the system needs to understand is that you can either get money out of the man or get vengeance – you can’t have both.

  2. Michelle says:

    I complelety agree with Bruce’s comments. Having appeared in court today and it being postponed to November I was very disheartened as he appeared with a lawyer and the prosecutor who is suppose to be my representative, just agreed to postpone again – thereby confirming the conflict of interest between me and the prosecutor. We can only hope that the law changes soon. Maybe if all woman get angry enough we can make a stand together …..

  3. Fax Guy says:

    Sad realities of living in South Africa.

    More often than not the kids get brought up by the grandparents, perpetuating further financial issues for the family dynamic later on.

    Stepping up to being a role model parent even if single is not an easy task. Then again what in life worth doing is easy.

    Great post thanks

  4. Caroline says:

    This Maintenance courts are still in a shambles and what is the government doing about it? They make laws but the Prosecutors and Magistrates don’t enforce them! What’s the point of laws if they are not enforced! Does anyone know who can help?? This problem will never end if women do not unite, take a stand & complain. If anyone knows who can be approached, I am happy to do it.

  5. J PADAYACHEE says:

    I changed courts in April 2011 and thought that will help, but not sure of the outcome as I awaiting cos the court Investigator is on leave. The court should therefore employ more efficient staff. When I go to the court there is only one investigator and maintainence officer.One of them is usually gone to another court. or one of them is on training. Both out on meeting. I am so tired of the run around. My parents are currently seeing to the financial needs of my kids, while my ex and his new wife have highly paid jobs and don’t contribute a cent to the order that is already in place by the court. I total disgusted by the SA court function.

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