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Saturday November 27th 2021

The ANC is not for us, say coloured voters

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2 Responses to “The ANC is not for us, say coloured voters”

  1. Siyincaba says:

    The coloureds are somehow lost between voting for the ANC or the DA party. The coloured see themselves as neither black nether white enough. Why don’t they create their own COLOURED party and vote for themselves inorder to address their issues they ways they see fit. Maybe this way they actually improve their communities fast rather keep on voting for their MASTERS the DA that keeps on oppressing them. Its not the ANC’S fault for not seeing service delivery in the Western Cape but th DA deliberately playing mind games and put the coloureds on a spot when blaming the ANC for their poor performances. Its sad that the Coloured community is keep on voting for the DA that does nothing for thie communities. The COLOUREDS needs to wake up and sack the DA bring in a coloured team that will address their issues the way they want.

  2. Proud Coloured says:

    True that. Coloured people have always struggled to stand together that’s why there is no coloured team.However Coloured people needs stop depending on other people to fight their battles but instead fight their own,fix and deal with their own problems and voice their opinions the way they want.

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