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Monday November 29th 2021

Bail application in dial-a-hitman case postponed

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3 Responses to “Bail application in dial-a-hitman case postponed”

  1. rr216 says:

    Strange incident but how can Sandiso Phaliso be reporting on this case?
    From what I’ve read Sandiso is a potential witness?
    Does this not prejudice the trial now? Very strange’checks and balances’ going on here for such a seious affair

  2. admin says:

    There is, as yet, no discernible ethical problem with Sandiso Phaliso reporting on the case. It is acknowledged, upfront, that he was involved in unwittingly introducing Ghumman Singh, posing as Michael Kirkham, to self-confessed criminals in Cape Town, but he had no contact with ‘Kirkham’ thereafter and is thus not a witness to the charges to attempted murder, arson and malicious damage to property. While Phaliso identified the man who posed as Kirkham to the police, he is at this stage not a witness in the trial, nor has he given the police a statement on the matter. I, as his editor, will do so as I am the one who made arrangements with ‘Kirkham’, believing he was who he said he was: a freelance photojournalist from the UK making a very ordinary, if somewhat hackneyed, request.
    Additionally, nothing in Phaliso’s article is not already in the public domain, or not stated by the police themselves, we just happen to have a very intimate view of this story, the ‘inside scoop’ so to speak.
    There is also no ethical concern over me testifying against Singh, or the man I knew as Kirkham. The reason journalists do not testify in court is in order to protect their sources. In this matter, there is no source to testify against. Singh (Kirkham) is not a source, he is someone who fraudulently posed as a journalist in order to gain access to people he would otherwise have had difficulty contacting. It is thus both my public and professional duty to testify in this regard. – The Editor, West Cape News

  3. rr216 says:

    OK thanks for clearing this up.

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