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Thursday September 29th 2022

‘The church made me do it’

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5 Responses to “‘The church made me do it’”

  1. Gertrude says:

    The boy was really possessed by evil spirit. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God would never by any means ask people to bring blood of people they love. Instead, what is always done is to bring clothes of family members one would like to pray for.

    As for blood, there is one thing that people need know here. Even during the Lord supper the UCKG does not use real blood but grape juice symbolizing the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ). The boy was already involved in satanic missions without even knowing that is why he misunderstood the way of doing sacrifice in the church.

    The whole family needs to be prayed for because this might end up destroying their family, leading them in to a terrible catastrophe. We the members of the church will always pray for the mother to open her heart and let the pastor talk to them. This will free them all in the name of Jesus.

  2. andile says:

    he translated a sacrifice into his and family destruction.we need to pray 4 these poeple pastor,they r perishing.i thank u pastor

  3. Manqoba says:

    I’ve never heard such ever since l started attending uckg, when Pastors are talking about your blood they mean your sweat as in what you worked hard for not real blood. People please learn to listen and understand first before you do anything. And in that way you will see greatness of God in your life, lm also talking to you members of church learn to be humble before God and and believe only in him so you can also tastify

  4. Meshack says:

    Since I started attending uckg in 2010 I never heard such stories,the boy is using by satan

  5. Meshack from Cosmo city says:

    That’s is a big lie, this guy is trying to paint my church ⛪️ with a black paint.since 2010 I have never heard such stories. This boy need a prayer with his whole family.

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