News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Friday January 28th 2022

Security companies move to hire new guards as Metrorail strike continues

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2 Responses to “Security companies move to hire new guards as Metrorail strike continues”

  1. ingird says:

    Hello I’m just looking for job. Don’t you train any train officials or station officials .

  2. Alfred says:

    All the security working as private out source for metrorail / prasa BE ARLET !

    There is a roamer circulating arround that may be by next week, before the end of the month, which is july, there can be a strike. According to these people whom I heard charting in the train, they want to frorce metrorail / prasa to employ them permanently.
    Therefore guys, who are working in the trains and stations including cables, becareful for these thugs.
    I can call them thugs because they suppose to call of us and ask our opinions in this regard. But I know they would not do that as they know some of us will not agree, therefore they will hurt you, BEWARE !!!

    We have our own reasons if that’s true therefore they must share the ideas so that we may share ours too.

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