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Tuesday August 16th 2022

Don’t touch me on my mountain, warn Capetonians

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  1. melior1 says:

    The fact that Wynberg Court dropped the bail does’nt surprise. It’s well known that logistical processes at Wynberg Court are substandard and not fit for purpose.
    There is a major backlog of cases, some adoption cases hark from 1997, at the Childrens Court, headed by Denni Leppain, the Children’s Commmissioner.This is not helped by the staff shortage, only very recently addressed.So deplorable has the situation become that certain child adoption agencies are no longer submitting cases there.The unproffessional and at best slovenly nature of the said commissioner knows no bounds, and her imperious attitude towards clerk staff and clients harks back to the darkest days of apartheid, A sad state of affairs indeed, and over ripe for an indepth expose of the shady dealings, that saw a former magistrate of colour leave after being hounded out after a concerted effort by her caucasian colleagues. If possible avoid at all costs, and deal with almost any other court instead.

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