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Sunday May 16th 2021

New centre aims to help homeless people off the streets

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  1. Maretta Bellingan says:


    I work for a tv-programme who does social upliftment stories. I would very much like to get in contact with Melanie Brand from the Observatory assesment centre.


  2. Michele Breuninger says:

    Hi there

    I recently bought a stand with a house on it for the gardener as he was constantly being arrested for squatting. Subsequently the mother of his child who did not live with him, decided that no ‘madam’ would buy him a house and therefore it was actually his.

    She then sold the house and disappeared with the money and his child from another woman. He now has no where to live again until the committee member comes back from the Transkei. The people who paid his ‘wife’ for the house refuse to acknowledge that she shouldn’t have sold to them and he no has nowhere to live again until the committee mama comes back.

    I would be grateful if you could provide me with details that I could use to find him some shelter in the meantime.

    Michele Breuninger

  3. Eldrid says:

    Can I please have your contact details I am in a crises.
    Much appreciate it, I am seeking rehabilitation at the CDCC
    Eldrid Swart

  4. Siphumelele Khuzwayo says:

    Hi, I would like to get in touch with the Assessment Centre.

  5. clinton du plooy says:

    hi,my name is clinton du plooy and i neeed help asap asi am on the stret.can i come and meeet you people .give adress.i am on the streets of claremont,pleas help i canot live like this pleas.
    id no 7007225121084,42 years old devorced,unemployd etc.


  6. margie blake says:

    Are you still functioning? Our church, St Peters Mowbray, is looking for a shelter for a member of our congregation. He is well-spoken and has some education in hotel work and PCs. He is now homeless and needs help shedding dependencies (not drugs or alcohol) and taking responsibility for his life. Please contact me at the above address or on 0847101061.
    Thank you.

  7. ann grey says:

    Could iplease have contact detsils as i know of someone in crisis

  8. m smit says:

    Pse advise who i can contact to obtain more details regarding criteria needed to be part of the programme it works.
    M Smit

  9. m smit says:

    Pse advise who i can contact regarding criteria to partake in programme and general information
    M Smit

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