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Tuesday November 30th 2021

Police staff demand salary upgrades, benefits

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2 Responses to “Police staff demand salary upgrades, benefits”

  1. Mokabane Welcome says:

    I assent with the lady,SAPS are working hard but they attain small,am saying so because there are politicians,nothing hard they work but they earn SAPS salary daily,I meditate to become SAPS worker,I wanna study that course at TUT for I’ll work against the small amount the SAPS,why officer attain more than those who works hard,who risk with their lives……I would be glad if 60%/more would be added in SAPS salary.doesn’t matter how huge it is and I refers to External SAPS not internal ones,thats my thought.

  2. Celest Harris says:

    I am 53 years old with 23 years in the police, I have been on salary level 6 ALL the time, I have applied for different posts but to no avail. NOW LEVEL 6 IS NO MORE AND EVERYONE WITH 15YEARS SERVICE GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL, BUT I DID NOT. I AM A DIVORCED MOTHER OF 4 after deductions I take home R10600, still have to pay Rent of R7000, food, school fees, clothes, petrol, bread and milk and I get maintenance of R3500. I have a car to pay, must take my kids to school and go to work. No extra for luxuries or going out. How can the government expect us to live ? Now the Government want our pensions for SAL … My suggestion is give us the government workers a better salary, to live better and the Government like the Cabinate and President salaries to be decreased by R1000 000 each. Then we will Al survive together. Please look into this matter. You are welcome to CONTACT me. Thank You

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