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Tuesday August 16th 2022

Learners trash school in protest against principal

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  1. I’m a former student at New Eisleben High who passed last year grade 12. Gives me concern that this the students are not being head to their side. I had a problem with the principal and I took it to the department. The principal is corrupt. When I had to get my statement I had to pay R610.00, R300.00 for matric ball that I didn’t go to(all learns off course) and other R310.00 for saturday classes that the money was paid by the government. My mother was unemployed(still now unemployed) didn’t have that money and went to Department of education reported this but he didn’t give me my results, still now I don’t have my certificate. Brings me pain to not hear out the students side, last year we tried but were shut up and call us name I would be happy the principal of New Eisleben high to be changed, the school is a public free government school, no money being paid that our parents don’t know. I’m not saying the students must toyi-toyi no but the department should do the right thing, we cannot build this nation with corruption and no respect!

  2. lizwe says:

    The government does not pay for saturday classes. The tutors are paid R200 per hour and that comes from learners. There is catering on Saturday including meat and vegetables. This comment above is from a bitter individual. When has the government ever paid for Saturday tutors? Ignorance from a person who claims to have passed. Now the school dies not have printers and photocopiers and relies on neighbouring schools. Why did learners break windows and steal teachers laptops and cellphones? Stop spreading lies.

  3. wiseup says:

    @Bulumko. Reading what you have written and trying to understand what you are trying to say, brings me to one conclusion. How did you pass grade 12? Breaking what is and stealing things shows why the principal has to be strict – clearly there are a lot of thugs in that school who are not interested in learning or progress. Clearly there are misunderstandings that needs to be cleared up. Listening will help

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