News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Thursday September 29th 2022

Ponderous, the Buffalo

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  1. Anna Tanneberger says:

    Thanks, Steve, for putting into words my exact reaction. I had been dubious about the street poster with the toilet seat, but then I read a review in which the reviewer stated “do not be put off by the poster with a toilet seat. It does not do the show justice.” I should go and demand the money for three seats from that particular reviewer, if only I could remember who it was. The toilet seat states exactly what the performance is about. Large part of the performance is about a man’s wake-up routine, straining on the toilet, wiping his backside, flushing the toilet. I don’t believe reviewers should be cruel, but I am really angry at the reviewers who conned me into buying tickets for that show against my better knowledge. If they can’t be truthful, then they must rather not review the show at all.

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