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Thursday September 29th 2022

‘Undermined’ in a hole

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  1. Simon Cooper , Co-Producer of Undermined says:

    “Steve, you are, of course, you are entitled to your view and to present a theatre review in such form as you see fit. However to balance things your readers might like to know that many others have made contrasting comments and hold contrary views, including the majority of the audience on opening night, the same night you attended, who gave the show a standing ovation. For reference, other comments have included:

    “It’s a story replete with themes we like to see in the New South Africa and could have so easily become a mawkish and preachy tale but instead the story has been transmuted seamlessly with humour and originality……part of the joy of watching Undermined is the way the images pop up and magically form before your eyes…. Each scene is a surprise and a delight. Notcutt has devised every scene and image with precision and the actors’ timing is impeccable as they morph from character to character. It’s very funny – laugh-out loud funny – yet at the same time a deeply reflective piece which gives you insight into the life of a miner and what goes on underground….” Robyn Cohen – Weekend Argus

    “Rethink your evening plans. There’s a show that deserves your attention… takes physical theatre to new heights of creativity. Marilu Snyders, –

    “an energetic and entertaining production that just goes to show how a little creativity can go a long way.” Eugene Yiga,

    “the energy of the piece and the inventiveness of the production is quite overwhelming.” Philip Todres

    Carrie Sherriff ‏@TheatreSherriff Apr 11
    Undermined @KalkBayTheatre: Witty, poignant, funny, concise, well-crafted. Love discovering gems like this.

    Steyn du Toit ‏@steyndutoit Apr 10
    Great time at @KalkBayTheatre for Undermined last night. Well done @taranotcutt and team, such vivid storytelling!

    Nathalie Vijver ‏@Natvdv Apr 9
    Don’t miss out on #undermined @KalkBayTheatre Such a captivating physical theatre piece and SO much fun @taranotcutt @ChristineMS1

    Jenni B ‏@jenniseal Apr 9
    @TheatreSceneCpt @KalkBayTheatre #Undermined Wow! Total theatre experience. Fun, sweet, creative, energetic – absolute winner!

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