News agency, Cape Town, South Africa
Saturday August 13th 2022

Poo protesters cold shouldered by Bishopscourt

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  1. Christine Cleal says:

    Living on the outskirts of Britain I was in a community which had neither running water nor electricity until about 1950. We had a bucket and we carried water from the wells.
    It was tough and I sympathise with those who have to go through this. Two things.Please give the ranking order of the nine provinces showing the percentage of those with bucket and similar systems.Secondly, our whole community was involved in a “Keep Clean” campaign. No litter, well areas scrupulously clean, excellent schools, supported by the entire community. Not a mark on the walls, furniture or books. I revere the memory of my people, 70% of whom were unemployed, but didn’t give up on their quest for a decent future for us, their children.

  2. Alan Ramsay says:

    Hi, your reporter is tarring us all with the same brush. The porta-potti survey team did not come knocking on our door in Lichfield Avenue – and I would loved to have seen what they are talking about and heard what they have to say. Having invested in a house in Khyalitsha to help resolve just such a problem for one particular family, it is not like I do not understand the challenges – and would be happy to debate the matter further.

  3. Peter Oosthuizen says:

    It is a shame that the people have been given porta- potties. They’re very hard to get used to after using holes in the ground. Cape Town’s service delivery is so bad that one has to advise the people to move to places where they will be better off like Polokwane, Port Elizabeth and Mpumalanga.

    Interesting that the police commissioner should get involved in Cape Town while he’s silent about ANC controlled areas. Perhaps he’s just a shit stirrer, after all he’s totally useless as a cop.

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